Valerie Brandli/Living Arts Studio

Valerie Brandli’s original jewelry designs have been carried by Domain since its inception, and they continue to be popular.  Her charming “ear dragon” earrings have been an affordable best seller for many years, and are one of several of Valerie’s nature and spirit-inspired designs.

A pair of "ear dragons" with hypnotic multi-hued stones

A pair of “ear dragons” with hypnotic multi-hued stones

Beyond jewelry, Valerie also creates other multi-media art pieces, including stone and wire “Earth Angels.”

An "Earth Angel" with colorful/earthy stones

An “Earth Angel” with colorful/earthy stones

Her Living Arts Studio expresses a mission of “creatively and collectively revealing the Light within all people thru expressions of love, beauty, humor and self discovery.”

Valerie grew up in small-town Wisconsin, but has been living out her “second childhood” in St. Petersburg for over 20 years.  She has also displayed and sold her jewelry and art work for many years at St. Petersburg’s popular Saturday Morning Market.

Click here to enjoy a gallery of some examples of Valerie’s work.