Mike Darras

“They call me the peace man”



Mike Darras is a painter whose work is bright, colorful, and whimsical. Using acrylics on wood, he has an impressionistic and colorful view of the surroundings he sees.

Mike Darras is a painter whose work is bright, colorful, and whimsical.has made Domain Home Accessories his Exclusive Retail Outlet

Mike Darras is a painter whose work is bright, colorful, and whimsical.

Born and raised (some say that process is still ongoing) in Chattanooga Tennessee, Mike uses wit and humor in most of his paintings and creations.

People, animals, and flowers, most of which are of the fantasy genre, that bring a calming and relaxed feeling to any room; are some of his favorite subjects. Also beach scenes and views of coastal living along with everyday people show up in several of Mikes works.

A new aspect in Mikes work is a peace aspect that surfaces in many recent works.

Using different themes such as peace, rock and roll, the 60’s, the blues, jazz, black history, and many others, Mike is using the style of aboriginal dot folk art to do some very unusual and interresting pieces. Words, phrases, and symbols also combine to further complete these new works.

Most of his paintings are larger in size, 2×4 feet and up.

Using acrylics and a variety of mixed media on wood, his art is rich and deep in color, texture and expression. With the constant support and encouragement of his lovely wife Beth (who he claims is the real artist in the family), Mike paints every day, and is usually at art shows on the weekends.

His work is in over 25 galleries, shops, and restaurants throughout the South.

Mike has had several careers in his life; photographer, restaurant owner, and antiques dealer to name a few.

Painting and art is and always has been a passion of his.

Being of Greek heritage, Mike feels that art has been in his blood for thousands of years.

Completely self taught, Mike waited till “all the kids were either married, off to school, or out of the house” to pursue this goal.

He and Beth reside in Chattanooga and have 6 kids and 3 grandchildren along with 1 daughter in law, 4 parents, 4 brothers and sisters, numerous aunts, uncles and cousins, and 1 very old but very lovable dog.

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