Michael Chapman

Born and raised in Kansas, local artist Michael Chapman moved to Florida in 2009 and relocated to Gulfport last year.  He is a life-long, self-trained artist, though he took inspiration from his childhood experience of painting alongside his grandmother, also a watercolorist.

"Life is Fleeting," a self-portrait of Michael Chapman

“Life is Fleeting,” a self-portrait of Michael Chapman

His first art show was at the age of five.  Watercolor in bright and colorful hues is Chapman’s predominant medium, though he also occasionally works with acrylics as well as pen and ink.  He uses a layering effect with the watercolors, adding or replacing colors in the work as he goes along.  From landscapes and scenes of nature to dreamscapes and fantasy, Chapman describes his paintings as coming “from my very soul,” or from “dreams and visions.”  Some are whimsical, including his series of peafowl and pigs in the guise of human female characters.  Other works have darker emotional tones.

One in a series of whimsical peafowl portraits by Michael Chapman

One in a series of whimsical peafowl portraits by Michael Chapman

“I have an unending supply of paintings that I see already finished in my mind,” says Chapman.  “I know I will never get them all out on canvas.”  A prolific painter, Chapman often produces as many as two or three paintings per week.  His work has been widely collected in the U.S. and Europe.

"Go to the Light" by Michael Chapman

“Go to the Light” by Michael Chapman