Jewelry Creator Doug D’souza

Mixed metal cuff bracelets by Doug D'souza.

Mixed metal cuff bracelets by Doug D’souza.

Doug D’souza was born in India and came to the U.S. at the age of 18.  He moved to Florida in 1994, and then located to Gulfport permanently seven years ago.  He is a self-taught metal smith, working primarily in artisan jewelry since 1998.  D’souza describes his inspirations as industrial design and architecture, along with culture, spiritual symbolism and the “natural beauty of the organic.”

Pendant by Doug D'souza

Pendant by Doug D’souza

His previous creations included small and large sculptures and room dividers, incorporating etched and carved glass.  A back injury during an art installation forced him to change the type and size of his work, resulting in his focus on wearable art.

Earrings by Doug D'souza

Earrings by Doug D’souza

Working from his home studio in Gulfport, he incorporates metals including silver, gold, copper and bronze as well as more “modern” materials such as metal clay, aluminum and Lucite.  New work, including a new line of mixed metal cuff bracelets, as well as pendants, personalized and symbol jewelry, wedding bands, cuff links and earrings are among his creations that will be displayed and offered for sale during the event.  He also creates custom jewelry designs, including wedding bands for both genders. D’souza’s work has been featured and sold at Domain for many years.

Portrait of Gulfport Jewelry Creator Doug D'souza

Portrait of Gulfport Jewelry Creator Doug D’souza

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