Fun “Funk” Artist Derrick Johnson


Derrick Johnson stands beside a set of his "Stankin" doors.

Derrick Johnson stands beside a set of his “Stankin” doors.

Popular local artist Derrick Johnson works out of his own “Stankin Studios.”  The “stankin” expression was derived during a musician friend’s gig when the word came out of nowhere to describe a particularly passionate and funky moment during the session.  Johnson describes, “When ‘stank’ hits your face, it’s the same as having beauty hit you.  You go ‘OOOOO-Weeee!’”

A "Stankin" fish by Derrick Johnson

A “Stankin” fish by Derrick Johnson

Johnson’s “stankin” art is a whirl of color and shapes applied to a wide array of objects and materials, including furniture, sunglasses, ironing boards, jewelry, wood, doors, walls and metal.  Johnson located to Gulfport from Baltimore in 2004.  He has participated in a variety of outdoor markets and art festivals and his work has been shown at venues including Leepa-Ratner Museum of Art (Tarpon Springs) and Divine Excess Folk Art Gallery (Bradenton).

He frequently paints objects on commission.  For the last few years, Domain has offered pieces in his series of framed metal sculptures resembling three-dimensional “funk” aquariums he calls “Aqua Boogie.”

A "Stankin" Aqua-Boogie creation

A “Stankin” Aqua-Boogie creation