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Monika Watson grew up in post-war Austria, and later worked as a commercial artist in France.  After moving to the U.S., she decided to pursue her dream of professionally exhibiting and selling her own art work, a dream that has come true.

Watson 2

She has been a resident of Gulfport for 13 years.  After several experiments with other media in an attempt to “texturize” her paintings, she tried firing and glazing various clay shapes and incorporating them into her work.  This has since become her signature style: acrylic paintings with an extra sense of liveliness from the sparkle and reflection of the clay pieces, changing as the light varies.

Watson 3

Sea life, scenes of nature and animals, and villages are frequent subjects of her work, imagined fancifully in bold colors.
Watson has more recently been working on pieces contained behind glass with a shadowbox effect.

To see a few more examples of Monika’s work, click here.  Or see them in living color by visiting us at Domain Home Accessories & Gallery!


“Flame-Chased Metal” Sculptor Kevin Webb

"Flame-chased" metal artist Kevin Webb

“Flame-chased” metal artist Kevin Webb

Working out of his own 10th Avenue West Studios in the Bradenton Art Village, Webb crafts a metal menagerie of Florida wildlife, including fish, crabs, geckos and turtles. He developed his signature coloring process when a friend who worked with copper enameling was diagnosed with a degenerative eye disease and could no longer safely use a kiln.

A "flame-chased metal" crab by Kevin Webb

A “flame-chased metal” crab by Kevin Webb

He attempted to develop a method of “cold enameling” for her, and though the experiment was unsuccessful, it resulted in the “flame-chased metal” process he has used on his art work ever since.

A "wino fish" by Kevin Webb

A “wino fish” by Kevin Webb

With a torch, each piece is colored with a mix of polymer enamels and epoxy sealants, with a high gloss finish achieved from the curing process. The art works are weather-resistant and can be displayed indoors or outdoors. Webb uses recycled materials as much as possible, including roofing metals, wine bottles and fencing wire.

Kevin Webb poses with two of his giant "flame-chased metal" geckos in front of his 10th Avenue West Studios

Kevin Webb poses with two of his giant “flame-chased metal” geckos in front of his 10th Avenue West Studios

Webb’s art work is available in galleries throughout the country. Domain Home Accessories & Gallery is the exclusive retailer of his work in the Tampa Bay area.

Assorted sea life by Kevin Webb

Assorted sea life by Kevin Webb

To enjoy a few more photos of Kevin’s work, click HERE.

Watercolorist Ron Czerniec

Watercolor Artist Ron Czerniec

Watercolor Artist Ron Czerniec

While raising his family in Northern Virginia, Ron Czerniec pursued a successful career as a high-level financial officer with USA Today for 23 years. He was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 2006, which necessitated his departure from the newspaper operation in 2008. Since that time, he has passionately pursued his creative outlet of watercolor painting, in which he had only dabbled in previous years.

He has become a prolific watercolorist, including many depictions of Florida scenes he has captured since moving to St. Petersburg.

Czerniec has also passionately pursued outreach, education and advocacy for Parkinson’s for the past several years. His forthcoming book, “A Life Interrupted – Invaluable Lessons Learned in my Dance with Parkinson’s,” details his own journey with Parkinson’s and offers help and hope for others living with the same or other chronic, “life-interrupting” conditions. Czerniec explains, “I call Parkinson’s ‘a perfect marriage; it never quits, is always there for you and increases its devotedness to you over time.’ Like a perfect marriage, there are good times, bad times, hope, sadness, happiness, emotional times and real learnings.”

Domain offers both original works and prints by Ron Czerniec. The artist donates 10% of all proceeds from his art work to the Michael J. Fox Foundation.

Click HERE to view more examples of Ron’s work.

Artist John DeGiorgio

Artist John DeGiorgia

Artist John DeGiorgia

John DeGiorgio is a recent transplant to Gulfport.  He creates images that present themselves to him both in actuality and in imagination.  He works in graphite, colored pencils, charcoals and other media, primarily on paper.  He has also worked in painting and murals.

"Once Upon" expresses a Surrealist attitude.

“Once Upon” expresses a Surrealist attitude.

In New York, he was fond of capturing quick candid portraits in the city’s subways.  His figure studies range from models to people on the street to friends.  Other works include faces and bodies and body parts amid surrealist landscapes.

His guided “journeys” for people exploring art and creativity include one-night group “Paint Dates,” as well as more intensive multi-week self-portraiture projects called “Shedding the Mask.”

a female figure study

a female figure study

degiorgio male with color

A male image amid swirling colors

Domain offers both originals and prints by John DeGiorgio.

Copper/Glass/Shell Artist Joan Patterson

patterson joined images

Scotland native Joan Patterson nourished her creative growth as a child with countless visits to the museums of Glasgow.  In the early 1990s, following a vacation to Miami, she relocated to Jupiter, Florida where she still resides.

After self-taught study and work in stained glass, she progressed into three-dimensional forms that have evolved into the jewelry and home accents that are now her signature pieces.  Her work primarily incorporates copper and glass, with inspirations from nature, Art Deco and Art Nouveau styles.  Additionally, some of her pieces incorporate limpet shells which her sister collects from Scottish beaches and sends to her.

patterson jellyfish fan pull

Patterson’s jewelry includes bracelets, earrings, chokers and pendants.  Her home accents include night lights, fan and lamp switch pulls, window decorations and tabletop clocks.

She shows her work in numerous art shows throughout Florida, and has offered her art work through Domain Home Accessories & Gallery for many years.

To view more examples of Joan’s work, click here.

patterson glass cuff

Ceramic Artist Laurie Landry

Artist Laurie Landry is pictured here with one of her shell totems.

Artist Laurie Landry is pictured here with one of her shell totems.

Artist Laurie Landry was born near Minneapolis, where she spent most of her first 46 years of life.  After living briefly in the mountains of Northwest Georgia, she relocated to St. Petersburg in 2013.  Her lifetime fascination with art was noticeable when as a child she eschewed dolls and favored crayons, Etch-a-Sketch, Lite Brite and Spirograph.

She was in her thirties when she focused her creativity on clay, working and learning under the guidance of well-known artists.  She has gone on to teach ceramics to school children and has exhibited her work and earned awards in numerous art galleries, shows and festivals, including local events such as Art Festival Beth-El and Florida CraftArt Festival.

"Learning to Fly" totem by Laurie Landry

“Learning to Fly” totem by Laurie Landry

Birds are a principle inspiration for Landry, as well as plants, shells, fish and other objects and creatures she has encountered in her gardens and treks through nature.  The totem is a favored form consisting of stacked smaller pieces, each thrown, altered and painstakingly hand-carved.  Each smaller piece on the stack conveys its own character and statement, while the combined totem creates another statement of its own, perhaps a remembrance of one image after another as seen on a journey.

These sgraffito cups by Laurie Landry are great for wine.

These sgraffito cups by Laurie Landry are great for wine.

Landry’s work also includes functional stoneware and porcelain pieces, including cups, bowls, vases and jars rendered with a hand-carved “sgraffito” technique.  Domain Home Accessories & Gallery began to show Landry’s work in April 2015.

Fun “Funk” Artist Derrick Johnson


Derrick Johnson stands beside a set of his "Stankin" doors.

Derrick Johnson stands beside a set of his “Stankin” doors.

Popular local artist Derrick Johnson works out of his own “Stankin Studios.”  The “stankin” expression was derived during a musician friend’s gig when the word came out of nowhere to describe a particularly passionate and funky moment during the session.  Johnson describes, “When ‘stank’ hits your face, it’s the same as having beauty hit you.  You go ‘OOOOO-Weeee!’”

A "Stankin" fish by Derrick Johnson

A “Stankin” fish by Derrick Johnson

Johnson’s “stankin” art is a whirl of color and shapes applied to a wide array of objects and materials, including furniture, sunglasses, ironing boards, jewelry, wood, doors, walls and metal.  Johnson located to Gulfport from Baltimore in 2004.  He has participated in a variety of outdoor markets and art festivals and his work has been shown at venues including Leepa-Ratner Museum of Art (Tarpon Springs) and Divine Excess Folk Art Gallery (Bradenton).

He frequently paints objects on commission.  For the last few years, Domain has offered pieces in his series of framed metal sculptures resembling three-dimensional “funk” aquariums he calls “Aqua Boogie.”

A "Stankin" Aqua-Boogie creation

A “Stankin” Aqua-Boogie creation

Reverse Painted Jewelry Artist Jane Carpenter

Portrait of the artist Jane Carpenter wearing a "mystic hand" necklace she created.

Portrait of the artist Jane Carpenter wearing a “mystic hand” necklace she created.

Jane Carpenter’s bright and whimsical jewelry is inspired by her “menagerie” of animals, as well as the garden and sea.  Each of her pieces includes meticulously-rendered reverse paintings on clear Lucite, created using tiny brushes, applicators and even toothpicks.  The reverse painting technique dates from the 4th century.

This intricately rendered fox pin depicts animals within the animal.

This intricately rendered fox pin depicts animals within the animal.

Carpenter’s jewelry, including earrings, pins, pendants and necklaces, is mounted on embossed and embellished sterling silver.  Her other art works include paintings on Masonite and Plexiglas, as well as pen and ink on paper.  Carpenter earned her BA and MFA in art, with an emphasis on jewelry.  She has spent many years plying the art show circuit throughout the country.

After discovering Gulfport in the early 1990s and finding it “quaint, welcoming and full of artists,” she began living here as a “snowbird,” then moved fulltime in 1994.

Beautiful flower-inhabited earrings by Jane Carpenter.

Beautiful flower-inhabited earrings by Jane Carpenter.



“Plein Air” Painter Jana Somach

"Plein Air" Painter Jana Somach

“Plein Air” Painter Jana Somach

Jana Somach and her family have lived in Pinellas County for over 40 years.  Always interested in art while growing up in the Netherlands, she went on to study metalsmithing and graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam with jewelry as her creative output at the time.  Somach moved with her husband to the U.S. in 1972 and settled in Florida.

Water lilies portrayed by Jana Somach

Water lilies portrayed by Jana Somach

After a period of time in which weaving was her medium of choice, she studied painting at the Dunedin Fine Arts Center.  Her enthusiastic embrace of the plein air (a French term meaning “open air”) process began a few years ago.  Plein air painters situate themselves away from their studios, most often in outdoor settings, and capture the essence of what they see, complete with the natural light and shadows that occur.

“We are limited in the time we have to complete a painting, usually only about two hours, because of the movement of the sun and shadows,” explains Somach.

Palms in their coastal habitat by Jana Somach

Palms in their coastal habitat by Jana Somach

She typically travels to plein air settings with a regular small group of women friends, often capturing Florida scenes close to water such as Honeymoon Island, the Tarpon Springs docks and Anclote River.

A depiction of Florida's natural beauty by Jana Somach

A depiction of Florida’s natural beauty by Jana Somach

Painter/Photographer Cheryll Grogan

A cozy front porch painted by Cheryll Grogan

A cozy front porch painted by Cheryll Grogan

Cheryll Grogan has been a Gulfport resident for 20 years.  Before, during and after stints in the U.S. Army and Postal Service, she created and studied art, earning her BFA with a concentration in photography.  While still employed at the post office, she continued to create and show her art work on a freelance basis, including murals and photos.

A vintage Chevy truck portrayed by Cheryll Grogan

A vintage Chevy truck portrayed by Cheryll Grogan


Grogan felt confident enough in her abilities to “jump ship” and become a self-employed artist over ten years ago.  She travels widely, displaying and selling art work at shows throughout the country.  Locally, she has shown her work at many Gulfport festivals and events, as well as St. Petersburg’s Mainsail Art Festival.

Walt'z Fish Shack in Key West by Cheryll Grogan

Walt’z Fish Shack in Key West by Cheryll Grogan

She has been a featured artist at the Dunedin Art Harvest and Palm Harbor Art Festival.  Her work featured at Domain includes original paintings and photographs, as well as affordable giclees on canvas.  Favored subjects include buildings and scenes from Gulfport, Key West and other Florida locations, as well as vintage “cool” cars and trucks.  She continues to create murals and other work on commission, including popular “house portraits.”

A light-hearted photographic take on the iconic "dogs playing poker" image, by Cheryll Grogan

A light-hearted photographic take on the iconic “dogs playing poker” image, by Cheryll Grogan


Painter/photographer Cheryll Grogan

Painter/photographer Cheryll Grogan

To see more examples of Cheryll’s work, click here.

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