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Deck the Halls!

Domain is your first stop for the most unique assortment of holiday décor, cards and more.  You won’t find these in the Mall!

A glittery Mardi Gras mask adorns the tree.

A glittery Mardi Gras mask adorns the tree.


Hand-painted Gulfport commemorative ornaments

Hand-painted Gulfport commemorative ornaments


Boxed holiday cards from Pumpernickel Press have a Florida point of view.

Boxed holiday cards from Pumpernickel Press have a Florida point of view.


A whimsical holiday bottle topper

A whimsical holiday bottle topper


Santa gets some beach time in this hand-crafted ornament from Red Drum Pottery.

Santa gets some beach time in this hand-crafted ornament from Red Drum Pottery.





Meet the Artists: Painter Michael Chapman and Writer Emerald Mancini

Domain Home Accessories & Gallery will host a reception showcasing the work of a Gulfport painter and a young author during its next “Meet the Artists” event on Saturday, November 16th, 6 p.m. until 10 p.m.

Michael Chapman will be on hand to show and discuss his watercolor paintings and drawings, and 15-year-old Emerald Mancini, author of the recently published “Tata and Me” (2013, Trace Taylor Publishing), will also appear during the event to discuss and sign her book.  “Meet the Artists” will take place at “& Gallery” (3129 Beach Blvd. South in Gulfport).  Complimentary beverages and hors d’oeuvres will be offered.

"Life is Fleeting," a self-portrait of Michael Chapman

“Life is Fleeting,” a self-portrait of Michael Chapman

Born and raised in Kansas, local artist Michael Chapman moved to Florida in 2009 and relocated to Gulfport last year.  He is a life-long, self-trained artist, though he took inspiration from his childhood experience of painting alongside his grandmother, also a watercolorist.  His first art show was at the age of five.  Watercolor in bright and colorful hues is Chapman’s predominant medium, though he also occasionally works with acrylics as well as pen and ink.  He uses a layering effect with the watercolors, adding or replacing colors in the work as he goes along.

From landscapes and scenes of nature to dreamscapes and fantasy, Chapman describes his paintings as coming “from my very soul,” or from “dreams and visions.”  Some are whimsical, including his series of peafowl and pigs in the guise of human female characters.  Other works have darker emotional tones.  “I have an unending supply of paintings that I see already finished in my mind,” says Chapman.  “I know I will never get them all out on canvas.”  A prolific painter, Chapman often produces as many as two or three paintings per week.  His work has been widely collected in the U.S. and Europe.

Emerald Mancini has been writing since early childhood. Now in ninth grade, she loves to write short stories and poetry. Since sixth grade, she has been home-schooled, allowing more time for her writing.  During her eighth grade year, she was a participant in the first annual Gulfport Youth Book Writing Workshop Series and Contest.

The manuscript she entered for the contest, “Tata and Me,” was chosen winner in the 7th – 12th grade category.  “Tata and Me” is a children’s read-aloud book about the relationship between Emerald and her grandfather, as well as his telling of Scandinavian folktales. All the artwork for the book was done by her grandfather, Al Carson.  Emerald notes some of her favorite authors as Oscar Wilde, Mark Twain and Roald Dahl. In her spare time, she enjoys drawing and spending time with her dog, Ava.  She plans to have a lifelong career as a writer.

"Tata and Me" by Emerald Mancini

“Tata and Me” by Emerald Mancini

“& Gallery” opened last year in the space adjacent to Domain Home Accessories, one of Gulfport’s most popular retailers for over 12 years, specializing in “functional art for the home.”  “& Gallery” showcases the work of over 40 local and regional artists.

“Meet the Artists” events at “& Gallery” occur during Gulfport’s popular third Saturday Art Walk.  Artists and artisans line the sidewalks of scenic Beach Boulevard on Art Walk evenings.  Independent shops and boutiques, live glassblowing at the Industrial Arts Center, live music venues, street performers, and Gulfport’s popular restaurants are all part of the lively Art Walk scene.  Parking in the Waterfront village is free and convenient.  Free trolleys are available for visitors parking in remote sites for transportation to and from the hub of Art Walk.

For more information, contact Daniel Hodge, (727) 366-4086 or email



John Moore “The Hairy Potter” and Mary Hayman

Largo, Florida resident John Moore is a featured artist at “& Gallery” as well as Gulfport’s Art Walk events.  His “Hairy Potter” moniker is derived from the unusual technique that Moore employs in the making of his pottery, using horse hair obtained during the grooming of horses from their tails and manes.

John Moore, "The Hairy Potter," works at his wheel.

John Moore, “The Hairy Potter,” works at his wheel.

Each art piece begins with fine porcelain and raku clay, hand-burnished to a smooth, marble-like finish.  After repeated kiln firing, the horse hairs are laid over the piece which has just been removed from the kiln at extreme high temperatures.  The hairs become consumed by the heat, twisting and curling in unpredictable patterns, leaving the carbon prints of the hairs etched permanently into each piece that is ultimately unique.  Moore’s inspiration for the technique is derived from an Apache tradition of honoring a fallen war horse by applying its hair to pots, believing the spirit of the horse is thus kept alive.

John Moore's signature work includes the use of horse hairs laid on the pieces as they are removed from the kiln.  The application of Spanish moss creates reddish or pinkish hues in the areas in which it is used.

John Moore’s signature work includes the use of horse hairs laid on the pieces as they are removed from the kiln.

Spanish moss from local trees is also sometimes used in the creative process to produce additional unique patterns on the pottery, also creating a reddish hue that varies from one piece to the next.  Moore’s other creative forms include a “patchwork pot” process in which pots are intentionally shattered into multiple pieces, each piece then fired again and finished with any number of techniques, including colored glazes, horse hair, Spanish moss, pit firing and smoking.  The pieces are then reassembled as in a three-dimensional jigsaw.  Moore’s whimsical “egg” creatures are popular and easily affordable art works, each clay “egg” attached to human or animal-like limbs and other anatomical appendages, even including horns on the heads of the “devilled eggs.”

A "devilled egg" by "The Hairy Potter."

A “devilled egg” by “The Hairy Potter.”


Born and raised in New Hampshire, Moore first took up pottery in a high school class.  After making a living and supporting a family with other jobs over a 10-year period, he returned to clay in the 1980s.  He was soon supporting himself with the pottery work, especially functional dinnerware pieces, and was also able to obtain a position teaching pottery to adults at the University of Maine.  Feeling uninspired by conventional tableware, Moore “reinvented himself” with his move to Florida in 2001, where he has since flourished.  His impressive creative art work has been displayed in hundreds of art shows throughout Florida and the South.  He has won numerous awards in shows, including St. Petersburg’s prestigious Mainsail Art Festival, and a recent first-place award in clay at the Mount Dora Arts Festival.  Photos of his work are featured on his website:

Moore’s fiancée, Mary Hayman, also participates in the creative process and shows  her work with Moore.  Their collaborations include “crackpots” in which a visible crack in the piece is laced with thin leather strips.  Hayman has created her own specialty in sculpted female torsos “clothed” in corset-like garments, complete with laces.  Though the clothing is created in clay, it has the look of actual fabric after the staining process.

Mary Hayman and one of her "Hairy Potter" torso sculptures.

Mary Hayman and one of her “Hairy Potter” torso sculptures.














Click here to enjoy a photo gallery of work by the “Hairy Potter” and Mary Hayman.


Wedding and Event Registry

Something new to make shopping at Domain Home Accessories even EASIER!!

We now have an Event Gift Registry.

Use it for weddings, showers, birthdays – or just because you want everything we carry.

Come in, we give you the opportunity to make a list, we file it in our Registry, and then you spread the word.

When your friends, family, or anyone you can persuade to enhance your life, comes to us, we will guide them through your list.

You get what you desire, our customer has the guide to your desires, and we get to fulfill those desires.

Come on in and watch it work.

Owen Pach

Owen Pach is a widely collected glass artist & has earned numerous top awards at the best art shows around the country.

Owen Pach heats glass in the "glory hole."

Owen Pach heats glass in the “glory hole.”

Owen is a Gulfport resident, a premier and nationally noted glass blower who has been in this field over 24 years.

An Owen Pach glass bowl.

An Owen Pach glass bowl.

Owen Pach teaches students at a local glass studio.

Owen Pach teaches students at a local glass studio.

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