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Plan now to attend our next three “Meet the Artists” events at Domain!  Coming up on November 21st is jewelry artist Doug d’Souza.  On December 19th, meet pop/folk artist Hugo Porcaro.  Mixed media artist Peggy Wollins will appear on January 16th with her menagerie of fish, birds and other creatures.

Our “Meet the Artists” events occur on the third Saturday of each month, featuring complimentary wine, hors d’oeuvre and live jazz, and coinciding with Gulfport’s popular Third Saturday Art Walk.  Artists and artisans line the sidewalks of scenic Beach Boulevard on Art Walk evenings. Independent shops and boutiques, live music venues, street performers, and Gulfport’s many popular restaurants are all part of the lively Art Walk scene.   Make a night of it in Gulfport every Third Saturday!

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Watson 1

Monika Watson grew up in post-war Austria, and later worked as a commercial artist in France.  After moving to the U.S., she decided to pursue her dream of professionally exhibiting and selling her own art work, a dream that has come true.

Watson 2

She has been a resident of Gulfport for 13 years.  After several experiments with other media in an attempt to “texturize” her paintings, she tried firing and glazing various clay shapes and incorporating them into her work.  This has since become her signature style: acrylic paintings with an extra sense of liveliness from the sparkle and reflection of the clay pieces, changing as the light varies.

Watson 3

Sea life, scenes of nature and animals, and villages are frequent subjects of her work, imagined fancifully in bold colors.
Watson has more recently been working on pieces contained behind glass with a shadowbox effect.

To see a few more examples of Monika’s work, click here.  Or see them in living color by visiting us at Domain Home Accessories & Gallery!


Monika Watson (photos)

“Flame-Chased Metal” Sculptor Kevin Webb

"Flame-chased" metal artist Kevin Webb

“Flame-chased” metal artist Kevin Webb

Working out of his own 10th Avenue West Studios in the Bradenton Art Village, Webb crafts a metal menagerie of Florida wildlife, including fish, crabs, geckos and turtles. He developed his signature coloring process when a friend who worked with copper enameling was diagnosed with a degenerative eye disease and could no longer safely use a kiln.

A "flame-chased metal" crab by Kevin Webb

A “flame-chased metal” crab by Kevin Webb

He attempted to develop a method of “cold enameling” for her, and though the experiment was unsuccessful, it resulted in the “flame-chased metal” process he has used on his art work ever since.

A "wino fish" by Kevin Webb

A “wino fish” by Kevin Webb

With a torch, each piece is colored with a mix of polymer enamels and epoxy sealants, with a high gloss finish achieved from the curing process. The art works are weather-resistant and can be displayed indoors or outdoors. Webb uses recycled materials as much as possible, including roofing metals, wine bottles and fencing wire.

Kevin Webb poses with two of his giant "flame-chased metal" geckos in front of his 10th Avenue West Studios

Kevin Webb poses with two of his giant “flame-chased metal” geckos in front of his 10th Avenue West Studios

Webb’s art work is available in galleries throughout the country. Domain Home Accessories & Gallery is the exclusive retailer of his work in the Tampa Bay area.

Assorted sea life by Kevin Webb

Assorted sea life by Kevin Webb

To enjoy a few more photos of Kevin’s work, click HERE.

Kevin Webb (photos)