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John Moore “The Hairy Potter” and Mary Hayman

Largo, Florida resident John Moore is a featured artist at “& Gallery” as well as Gulfport’s Art Walk events.  His “Hairy Potter” moniker is derived from the unusual technique that Moore employs in the making of his pottery, using horse hair obtained during the grooming of horses from their tails and manes.

John Moore, "The Hairy Potter," works at his wheel.

John Moore, “The Hairy Potter,” works at his wheel.

Each art piece begins with fine porcelain and raku clay, hand-burnished to a smooth, marble-like finish.  After repeated kiln firing, the horse hairs are laid over the piece which has just been removed from the kiln at extreme high temperatures.  The hairs become consumed by the heat, twisting and curling in unpredictable patterns, leaving the carbon prints of the hairs etched permanently into each piece that is ultimately unique.  Moore’s inspiration for the technique is derived from an Apache tradition of honoring a fallen war horse by applying its hair to pots, believing the spirit of the horse is thus kept alive.

John Moore's signature work includes the use of horse hairs laid on the pieces as they are removed from the kiln.  The application of Spanish moss creates reddish or pinkish hues in the areas in which it is used.

John Moore’s signature work includes the use of horse hairs laid on the pieces as they are removed from the kiln.

Spanish moss from local trees is also sometimes used in the creative process to produce additional unique patterns on the pottery, also creating a reddish hue that varies from one piece to the next.  Moore’s other creative forms include a “patchwork pot” process in which pots are intentionally shattered into multiple pieces, each piece then fired again and finished with any number of techniques, including colored glazes, horse hair, Spanish moss, pit firing and smoking.  The pieces are then reassembled as in a three-dimensional jigsaw.  Moore’s whimsical “egg” creatures are popular and easily affordable art works, each clay “egg” attached to human or animal-like limbs and other anatomical appendages, even including horns on the heads of the “devilled eggs.”

A "devilled egg" by "The Hairy Potter."

A “devilled egg” by “The Hairy Potter.”


Born and raised in New Hampshire, Moore first took up pottery in a high school class.  After making a living and supporting a family with other jobs over a 10-year period, he returned to clay in the 1980s.  He was soon supporting himself with the pottery work, especially functional dinnerware pieces, and was also able to obtain a position teaching pottery to adults at the University of Maine.  Feeling uninspired by conventional tableware, Moore “reinvented himself” with his move to Florida in 2001, where he has since flourished.  His impressive creative art work has been displayed in hundreds of art shows throughout Florida and the South.  He has won numerous awards in shows, including St. Petersburg’s prestigious Mainsail Art Festival, and a recent first-place award in clay at the Mount Dora Arts Festival.  Photos of his work are featured on his website:

Moore’s fiancée, Mary Hayman, also participates in the creative process and shows  her work with Moore.  Their collaborations include “crackpots” in which a visible crack in the piece is laced with thin leather strips.  Hayman has created her own specialty in sculpted female torsos “clothed” in corset-like garments, complete with laces.  Though the clothing is created in clay, it has the look of actual fabric after the staining process.

Mary Hayman and one of her "Hairy Potter" torso sculptures.

Mary Hayman and one of her “Hairy Potter” torso sculptures.














Click here to enjoy a photo gallery of work by the “Hairy Potter” and Mary Hayman.


Wedding and Event Registry

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We now have an Event Gift Registry.

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Owen Pach

Owen Pach is a widely collected glass artist & has earned numerous top awards at the best art shows around the country.

Owen Pach heats glass in the "glory hole."

Owen Pach heats glass in the “glory hole.”

Owen is a Gulfport resident, a premier and nationally noted glass blower who has been in this field over 24 years.

An Owen Pach glass bowl.

An Owen Pach glass bowl.

Owen Pach teaches students at a local glass studio.

Owen Pach teaches students at a local glass studio.

Mike Darras

“They call me the peace man”



Mike Darras is a painter whose work is bright, colorful, and whimsical. Using acrylics on wood, he has an impressionistic and colorful view of the surroundings he sees.

Mike Darras is a painter whose work is bright, colorful, and whimsical.has made Domain Home Accessories his Exclusive Retail Outlet

Mike Darras is a painter whose work is bright, colorful, and whimsical.

Born and raised (some say that process is still ongoing) in Chattanooga Tennessee, Mike uses wit and humor in most of his paintings and creations.

People, animals, and flowers, most of which are of the fantasy genre, that bring a calming and relaxed feeling to any room; are some of his favorite subjects. Also beach scenes and views of coastal living along with everyday people show up in several of Mikes works.

A new aspect in Mikes work is a peace aspect that surfaces in many recent works.

Using different themes such as peace, rock and roll, the 60’s, the blues, jazz, black history, and many others, Mike is using the style of aboriginal dot folk art to do some very unusual and interresting pieces. Words, phrases, and symbols also combine to further complete these new works.

Most of his paintings are larger in size, 2×4 feet and up.

Using acrylics and a variety of mixed media on wood, his art is rich and deep in color, texture and expression. With the constant support and encouragement of his lovely wife Beth (who he claims is the real artist in the family), Mike paints every day, and is usually at art shows on the weekends.

His work is in over 25 galleries, shops, and restaurants throughout the South.

Mike has had several careers in his life; photographer, restaurant owner, and antiques dealer to name a few.

Painting and art is and always has been a passion of his.

Being of Greek heritage, Mike feels that art has been in his blood for thousands of years.

Completely self taught, Mike waited till “all the kids were either married, off to school, or out of the house” to pursue this goal.

He and Beth reside in Chattanooga and have 6 kids and 3 grandchildren along with 1 daughter in law, 4 parents, 4 brothers and sisters, numerous aunts, uncles and cousins, and 1 very old but very lovable dog.

Holiday Hoopla!

5th Annual Holiday Hoopla!

Dec 14, 2013
10:00 AM – 6:00 PM

3129 Beach Blvd. S., Gulfport, FL 33707


Don’t get your Tinsel in a Tangle…It’s time to get your holiday cheer in gear!

Support small business and independent artisans and crafters by shopping local! The Gulfport Merchants Association presents the 5th annual Holiday Hoopla on December 14, 2013 from 10am to 6pm. A portion of the proceeds from the event will benefit Operation Santa and Gulfport families in need.

Holiday Hoopla is a celebration of arts, crafts, foods, live music and roving holiday characters set in a waterfront atmosphere amid bright, twinkling, colorful lights.

Stroll the decorated streets filled with talented exhibitors and unique shops and galleries. The festival will provide shoppers with one-of-a-kind gifts that cannot be found anywhere else, and all of your holiday shopping can be done in one place!


Visitors will be enchanted by a variety of festive and fun holiday-themed music, holiday carolers, dance performances, and roving street performers.

Many types of entertainment will perform during the Hoopla, from local school bands & Choral groups and local musicians to area performing arts groups. Roving performers include Dickens characters and carolers.

The Gulfport Merchant’s Association gives back to the community all year round.

During the Holiday Hoopla event donations will be collected for Operation Santa (New Toys/Gift cards, etc.), The Gulfport Senior Center Foundation (Non perishable food, toiletries & Pet Supplies) ).  If you are able, please help these organizations in need.  Collection Boxes will be located at the Casino Stage at the intersection of Beach and Shore Boulevards during the event. Prior to the event drop off locations include Gulfport Police Department and The Gulfport Area Chamber of Commerce.


Holiday Hoopla takes place on Beach Blvd. S. in Gulfport on December 14 from 10am to 6pm. (GPS: 5500 Shore Blvd. S., Gulfport, FL 33707)

The event is sponsored by Bright House Networks, Tampa Bay Times, the Industrial Arts Center and the City of Gulfport. As always, admission and parking are free.

Photo Gallery 2013

Photo Gallery 2009

Gulfport Celebrates 20 Years of Art Walks

Gulfport will celebrate the 20th anniversary of its well-known Art Walk on Friday, November 1st.  A forerunner of similar events that are now common throughout Tampa Bay, Gulfport’s Art Walk now takes place on the first Friday and third Saturday of each month, year-round from 6 p.m. until 10 p.m.  Local and visiting artists and crafters line the sidewalks of scenic Beach Boulevard in Gulfport’s historic Waterfront District.

On the occasion of the 20th Anniversary Celebration, organizers will offer a display of Art Walk memorabilia, a birthday cake to share with visitors, drawings for prizes donated by local merchants, and awards to artists participating for the evening.  Gulfport City officials will be on hand to help commemorate the event.  Cake will be served and awards presented in a brief ceremony beginning at 7:30 p.m. in front of Mangia Gourmet (2930 Beach Boulevard South).

The Gulfport Merchants Association has announced a “Call for Artists” to participate in the 20th Anniversary Art Walk Celebration.  A $200 “Best of Show” juried award will be presented during the evening.  Veteran Art Walk participants will also be recognized with awards in a variety of categories.  Artists interested in participating should contact Suzanne King by email to as soon as possible.

The first Gulfport Art Walk, originally referred to as “Gallery Walk,” took place on the first Friday, November 5th, 1993.  At that time, six recently-opened independent art galleries on a single block of Beach Boulevard banded together to draw attention to their burgeoning gallery scene.  An advertisement in the local newspaper announced the first Gallery Walk, and participants put out paper bag luminaries to direct visitors to the galleries, each of which offered refreshments.

The original participants were Sabal Palm Galleries (“tropical” and local art), Lynne Brown Fine Arts (Brown’s portraits and other art works), Troyka Art Gallery (Russian and European artifacts), Outta My Gourd (gourd and fiber art and basketry by Lisa Coopersmith), Kaleidoscope (stained glass work by Roger Turner), and Griffin Studio (paintings and pottery by Nan and Bill Griffin).

The original advertisement for Art Walk, originally called Gallery Walk, appeared November 4, 1993.

The original advertisement for Art Walk, originally called Gallery Walk, appeared November 4, 1993.

Gulfport’s Gallery Walk proved successful and drew increasing numbers of both locals and visitors to the first Friday event.  As the event grew, a 1994 full-page feature by the St. Petersburg Times art critic highlighting the Gulfport art scene resulted in a “mob” of visitors that same evening, according to Turner.  Lines of people waited to get into galleries.  As Turner recalls, “We felt like we had arrived!”  By that time, additional galleries were opened, as others closed.  A year after its origin, the terms “Gallery Walk” and “Art Walk” were often used interchangeably.  Also at this time, gallery owners and locals began referring to the Waterfront District, particularly along Beach Boulevard, as the “Art Village.”  The third Saturday Art Walk, originally called the “Saturday Night Stroll,” was added to the calendar in 1999.  Now sponsored by the Gulfport Merchants Association, Art Walk expanded to include several blocks of outdoor exhibits by local and visiting artists several years ago.

Gulfport’s status as an “Art Village” has remained attached through the years, although the number of galleries has ebbed and flowed over time.  An insurgence of restaurants to the same area in recent years has created an equally strong identity as a dining hub.  Artists living and working in Gulfport continue to maintain a strong presence in the small, eclectic city, and a handful of galleries and retailers that include original art work in their mix add to the current Art Walk offerings.

The combination of art and artists indoors and out, a variety of dining choices, live entertainment venues, street performers, and the “Old Florida” charm of the Gulfport Waterfront District combine to create today’s lively Art Walk scene.  Free parking and free trolley service to and from offsite parking areas is available during each Art Walk.   The Industrial Arts Center of Gulfport (IACG) maintains quarters in Gulfport after a recent relocation to the “Alley of the Arts” off 29th Avenue South, near Beach Boulevard.  Demonstrations and classes in hot glass-blowing and metal forging are offered at the IACG.  The nearby City of Imagination at Gulfport Arts Center (2726 54th Street South), offers a venue for classes, exhibits and performances in a variety of visual and other art forms.

The Gulfport Historical Society will continue the celebration of Art Walk’s 20th Anniversary by organizing memorabilia related to the history of Art Walk, artists in Gulfport and the growth of the “Art Village.”  Items will be displayed during the evening of the Anniversary event and will continue to be displayed at the Gulfport Historical Museum (5301 28th Avenue South) through the month of November.  The Historical Society’s next monthly “Porch Party” on November 15th will focus on the history of Gulfport’s Art Walk, Artists and Galleries.  The event begins at 6:30 p.m. and includes a speaker, as well as a social hour and hors d’oeuvre, with visitors invited to bring food of their own to share, as well as their own beverages of choice.  Donations to the Society during their third Friday Porch Parties are encouraged.

For more information on the 20th Anniversary Art Walk Celebration, contact Daniel Hodge by email to or phone 727-366-4086.

An illustration of Art Walk today.

An illustration of Art Walk today.